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VBN is Australia’s first and only Peak Body for vegan businesses.

At VBN we work to:

GROW vegan and vegan friendly businesses with world class services.

EDUCATE the public, businesses and government on veganism.

REPRESENT the Vegan Business community in political and legal campaigns.

Vision and Values


A Vegan WorldPretty simple really


  1. Mindfulness

    Consideration of actions and the impact is has. Consideration of the journey other people are on and where they may have come from.

  2. Inclusivity

    Always include others who wish to be included and be inviting. Always collaborate when an opportunity presents itself. Unite efforts because the whole is always greater than the sum of it’s parts.

  3. Positivity

    Always strive for a more positive perspective on all situations. Positivity creates possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations. Avoid the use of negative words and phrases.

  4. Kaizen

    Solve small problems and improve continuously. A big problem is nothing other than a combination of small problems

  5. Now

    The best time to do anything is now. Think deeply act swiftly. Trust intuition. Draw on past experiences and be thoughtful while acting in the now. The past and failures is for learning. The future is the next now.

  6. Transparency

    Be open about process and clear in communitcation

  7. Collaboration

    Unite efforts because teh whole is always greater than the sum of it's parts.

  8. Passion

    Be driven by a higher purpose and believe everything you do has a postivite impact on the world.

  9. Impact

    Always consider both the local and global impact

  10. Truth

    Be transparent and open in communication. For clarity communicate with simple words when possible and explain things as simply as possible. Always be happy to repeat what has been spoken. Be honest.